The data and tools you need to power your parcel forwarding business

It's simple

Get product details, prices, top ranking items, and more with a single request.

It's comprehensive

Power keyword search, update your catalog data, and automate ordering with one API.

It scales

We do tens of millions of product checks across multiple markets a day (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc).

It's built for you

Not a developer? Ask about our custom solutions.

Solutions designed to fit your needs

Upgrade your shopping experience with real-time data

Product Details

Building a product catalog can be daunting, especially if you source across multiple markets. Zinc does the heavy lifting for you.

Our API provides product images, titles, reviews and more - everything you need to populate and maintain a catalog spanning multiple sources.

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Competitive Repricing

Accurate pricing data is crucial to healthy margins. Beat your competitors and keep your customers happy with Zinc real-time offers.

Most data solutions scale poorly. They either provide stale data or simply fail when overloaded. Zinc does tens of millions of price checks a day with no throughput limitations.

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Zinc is the only provider of real-time keyword search. Upgrade the shopping experience you provide with this intuitive feature.

In modern e-commerce, knowing where you stand on various market places is critical to success. Our real-time search can also help you identify top-selling products based on seller rank and other metrics.


Create universal checkout using the Zinc API. Start with major retailers and explore new channels to follow customer demand. Programmatically order from any retailer offering online checkout.

Why choose the Zinc API?

We scale

We place over 1 million orders a year across Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Sam's Club, and many more.

An Excellent Team

Our founders and lead engineers hail from MIT and have worked at top-tier Silicon Valley companies including Palantir, Stripe, Dropbox, and Optimizely.

Well documented

Well maintained docs explaining the calls and concepts necessary to be successful with the Zinc API.

Happy Customers

We have worked with the OH lottery, DealDash, Buyr and many more to help streamline their workflows while inproving reliablity.


Many of our other products are powered by the Zinc API.

Custom Solutions

We work with our customers to help them integrate and if necessary will build them solutions that fit them.

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