Create and update product catalogs with Amazon search on Zinc API

Zinc API: The most reliable source for retail product APIs

If you are integrating Amazon products or features into your e-commerce project, you want reliable and low-latency data connections to get great search results. Zinc enables live data retrieval from many top retailers:

  • Amazon API
  • Walmart API
  • Costco API
  • Home Depot API
  • Wayfair API
  • Best Buy API
  • Etsy API
  • Shopify API

Amazon API: Real-time search, catalog, and seller data

Our most popular data connection is our Amazon data API. This API provides real-time and low-latency live access to:

  • Amazon product details (catalog information like images, titles, descriptions)
  • Amazon product offers (prices, shipping, and seller information)
  • Amazon search results data (generate pages of keyword search results from a phrase or keyword input)

Compare to the Amazon Product Advertising API (PA-API)

Zinc API’s search function provides 100% live, fast, and complete data. This has many benefits over other providers who are often repackaging the Amazon product advertising PA-API or are only doing periodic scraping, resulting in outdated information.

Getting Started

You will need a Zinc API developer account and token in order to make calls. You can sign up and create an account here.

This provides specific instruction on using the Zinc API to generate product catalogs within your API using search results.

Different Methods for Catalog Building

There are two primary ways to use the Zinc APIs to power a catalog with Amazon products. This depends on if you have an existing list of products and corresponding IDs (or ASINs), or if you plan on starting your catalog build with Zinc.

If you already have a list of ASINs or Product IDs and want to fetch their catalog data or pricing:

  1. Enter the ASIN into the Zinc API details call to fetch all listing information, such as images, titles, descriptions, UPC, etc.
  2. Enter the ASIN into the Zinc API offers call to fetch live data on the exact prices, sellers, and shipping information for that product.

If you do not have an existing product list, you can use the search API to generate lists of products based on keywords you input:

  1. Add a relevant phrase or keywords into the Product Search call on the Zinc API (for example “headphones” or “running shoes”.
  2. The Zinc API will return a list of products with main data including title, buy box price, main image, and product ID.
  3. If desired, you can take the product IDs included in the search results and enter them back into our API as details or offers calls to fetch the full listing data or pricing/seller information.

Either of the methods above can be used to create dynamic product catalogs within your online store, site, or application.

How do I create a search request?

You can see exactly how to make a search request in our documentation here. Note that you can create search requests via a single keyword such as “headphones” or a multiple word phrase such as “in ear headphones”. You will receive keyword search results based on the whole phrase, as if it was entered into Amazon’s search bar.

What data is returned with search results?

Based on your keyword input, you will receive a list of relevant keyword search results with the following data included for each product. This reflects the information you would see on a search results page when using the Amazon website:

  • Product ID (ASIN for Amazon)
  • Product title
  • Product main image link
  • Number of product reviews
  • The overall average star rating
  • The main buy box price

Navigating the search page results

The first page should always return within 4 seconds and will contain the top page of results (usually around 10 items). If you want to fetch additional pages of search results, you will need to make additional search API calls with the same keyword and successive page numbers (2,3, etc).

Getting full product details from search results

The API search results returns a set of product and price data matching the Amazon search page. However, for some use cases additional catalog or pricing information may be required.

To get the full catalog details for an item included in the keyword search result, you can take the ASIN returned for that product and make a call to Zinc API product details. This details call will return a complete set of images, descriptions, and additional catalog data you would need to list or present the item.

Getting live pricing data from search results

Similarly, you may require more specific seller or pricing information beyond the buy box price returned in the search results.

In this case, you would take the ASIN provided in the search results and make a call to Zinc API Product Offers. This would provide an updated list of current sellers and specific product prices, shipping, and other metrics (such as prime or non-prime).

Latency, Throughput, and Real-time data

Latency: The Zinc API is designed to provide low-latency data retrieval for all types of calls. Our standard API is powerful enough for demanding use cases, such as AI and conversational commerce. However, we have even higher performance options for users that require it.

Throughput: For most of our users, the Zinc API throughput is adequate for all needs. However, some applications and business models have large or unexpected spikes in data volume. In these cases, we can also use our Real-time data service to provide you with higher fixed throughput limitations.

Combining with Zinc API automatic ordering

If your business model involves placing orders on Amazon, the Zinc API is the best solution to automate fulfillment via API calls. This has many benefits including lower costs, perfect accuracy, and the ability to process high volumes.

Our Amazon ordering API works the same way as our Amazon data API, where you can enter specific Amazon product ID (or ASIN) into our system. For the order API, you just need to add a valid Amazon account and payment method into the API call. You can also skip these steps by using Zinc Managed Accounts, which allows you to place orders via the Zinc Amazon account system. This means we place the order on your behalf, and send it to the address of your choice.

Why choose the Zinc API?

We scale

We place over 1 million orders a year across Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Sam's Club, and many more.

An Excellent Team

Our founders and lead engineers hail from MIT and have worked at top-tier Silicon Valley companies including Palantir, Stripe, Dropbox, and Optimizely.

Well documented

Well maintained docs explaining the calls and concepts necessary to be successful with the Zinc API.

Happy Customers

We have worked with the OH lottery, DealDash, Buyr and many more to help streamline their workflows while inproving reliablity.


Many of our other products are powered by the Zinc API.

Custom Solutions

We work with our customers to help them integrate and if necessary will build them solutions that fit them.

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