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Zinc Data

Up to date information on retail products

  • $0.01/call
  • Product Offers
    Price, seller information, shipping price, and more for every seller of a particular item
  • Product Details
    Images, descriptions and variant information for a product
  • Keyword search
    Search ranking, image, title, reviews, and more based on search terms
  • Volume discounts after the first 10k API calls

Zinc Ordering

Programmatic checkout from major retailers

  • $1/order
  • Advanced product selection
    Variants, seller rating, item condition, and more
  • Shipping method selection
    Filter offers based on shipping cost or speed
  • Multiple payment methods
    Credit card or gift card checkout supported
  • Cutting-edge package tracking
  • Volume discounts after the first 100 orders

other services

Customize what we offer to fit
your needs

  • Zinc Managed Accounts
    Offload the management of procurement accounts,
    Tax Exempt ordering for no additional cost
  • Dedicated hardware
    Guaranteed latency based on QPS
  • Support SLA
  • Price change notifications
  • Inventory expansion or redundancy solutions
  • Custom data scraping

We bill a minimum of $50/month. Minimum bill counts towards usage fees.