File Exchange Service
Email us a CSV and we'll place your orders!

The easiest way for non-technical users to use Zinc is through File Exchange. File Exchange allows you to automate your Amazon orders with no developer integration. Once you are set up, you can email us a CSV of orders to place and we will run them through our API on your behalf.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Create a Zinc account on
  2. Contact us and provide us your Amazon account name, password and billing information (CC number, CVC, expiration, full billing address including phone number), indicating that you would like to use File Exchange.
  3. Email with an attached CSV file (see here for an example of the proper format). Set the subject line to be your client token.

Our software will run these orders through our API. It will add three columns (Status, Order IDs, and Price) and email the csv back to you. The Status field will contain either successful or an error message describing why the order could not be placed, the order IDs are the retailer's merchant IDs, and the price will indicate the final post-tax price paid.

For more details about using file exchange and troubleshooting, see this document.